I often advise my couples to go for the ‘camera shy’ wedding photography package in order to conquer their fear of freezing in front of the camera. It is a great way to get used to my way of working, meet myself and it’s great for me to get to know my couples before the biggest day of their life! We all met at one of the most beautiful gardens in Norwich for their pre-wedding photos, The Plantation Gardens. Its a beautiful, historic garden that is hidden in the centre of the city of Norwich (it is also referred to as ‘The Secret Gardens.’ If you have scrolled through my website, gallery, social media or have worked with me before you will know that I hold a huge love for the Norfolk Countryside and anything natural! The gardens were in full bloom with the tulips and trees all bright and colourful. Aaron and Emily felt very on edge at the start of the photo-shoot (as do all my couples) however after 20 minutes they were in full swing and even suggesting shots they would like to do (like sitting in a flower pot!) If you are planning a Norfolk Wedding (or further afield) please do pop me a message. I’d love to chat over a coffee!