If I could re-live one Wedding experience for the rest of my life it would be this one! I have never felt so mesmerised as I did that day. The colours, the laughter, the henna tattoos, the incredible bright saris, the coming togetherness of two religions. The day was just perfect and I cannot thank Tatum Reid for allowing me to second shoot for her so I could experience it all. My first non-Christian wedding and I couldn’t have asked for a better one! All of the images featured on this page are my own whilst second shooting for Tatum. The Wedding was so big there was a definite need for two photographers!! The whole day was a blur for me as there was so much to take in! Both Ben and Meera wore traditional Indian dress for the first half of the day and then changed into traditional Christian dress for the second half which made a great variety of photos! Hales Hall & Barn (Norfolk) was a fantastic wedding venue for the sheer volume of people and complimented the incredible detail of the day perfectly! Tatum had to pull me away at the end of the night as the dancing was incredible with every single generation up on the dance floor with traditional Indian music making me want to dance (and I don’t dance!!)

Indian Hindu Wedding Norfolk  Indian Hindu Wedding Norfolk  Indian Hindu Wedding Norfolk