Norfolk Engagement Shoot – Graham & Jess

Graham and jess were one of many couples that were dubious by the thought of an ‘engagement’ shoot aka a pre-wedding shoot. I often think couples picture a kneel down on one knee kinda shoot whenever I use the term when actually its the complete opposite. There’s no posing or dodgy love signs, these shoots are designed to get you feeling and acting naturally in front of the camera.

Graham and Jess’ pre-wedding shoot took place at one of my favourite North Norfolk Beaches and lots of laughter was to be had (especially when I accidentally poked Jess’ eye out when trying to rearrange some (very photogenic but in the way) reeds! Engagement shoots are a brilliant way for you both to get to know me properly too and learn how I work and what I look out for to capture that perfect shot. The weather was rather drizzly for Gram and Jess’ engagement shoot, however, the light was extremely soft making for lovely skin tones and bright background light! Interested in a couple shoot/ pre-wedding shoot/ engagement shoot? Click here to find out more!