If you think of a Spaniel it is more than likely that  ‘crazy, mad, continuous energy’ may come to mind… and you would be spot on! However, there’s a reason why they are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK. Something to do with their curly ears, gorgeous colour and huge ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ eyes! Geno was no exception and flew off around Catton Park in Norwich, Norfolk like a firework but with lots of treats, whistles, ball games and ridiculous noises we could muster, we managed to grab his attention and therefore his gorgeous face to achieve the shots pictured to your left. Hannah and Conor were brilliant with him and once he was in Hannah’s arms he completely chilled and relaxed – such a soppy puppy! I will add that it bucketed it down for Hannah’s lifestyle shoot of herself Conor (boyfriend) and Geno (puppy) but everyone kept their cool and the shots came out lovely. The wooded areas of Catton park made for a perfect retreat from the rain and consisted of gorgeous autumnal colours and tones that complimented Geno’s beautiful colour perfectly!