We both agreed on Dunwich Woods as a location for a relaxed walk and some natural photos! We strolled for a little while with Teddy the Terror on the lead allowing him to take it all in. Thea and Jason were so lovely and so on board with the direction I gave and the advice regarding standing in front of the camera. I also knew Jason and Thea went home feeling as though Teddy was a complete mad puppy and it felt as though we didn’t get many photo opportunities! I cannot stress enough – if you are hoping to have photos of your children or pets, the shoot never goes as planned but that is the beauty of it! I love it when your children/ pets have spirit and personality! I can then take photos of the true character rather than them sitting plainly and looking awkward! I thrive on natural family photographs, not staged ones! It may feel as if everything is manic and nothing is getting done but whilst you are worrying I am snapping!