A lovely Autumnal Equestrian Portrait session just outside of Norwich, Norfolk. Laura contacted me as she wanted some keep sake photos of her special mare ‘Pandora.’ As I arrived at the yard Pandora had broken her head collar as Laura running to open the gate to let me in was too much for her (you can kind of get the gist of just how sensitive Pandora is!) Laura has known Pandora for years and brought her on for a lady a few years back. She is a lovely mare but has her ‘moments.’ The irony is we were all trying to spook Pandora to get her ears forward for the camera! Apparently standing still for photos is a perfect time to doze off! We ended up grabbing my very large and shiny reflector out of the car – this worked a treat!! Such a lovely horse and it’s so lovely to see her so chilled out with Laura after hearing her history. She was a lovely little horse to photograph and her gorgeous dapples and cute face made for some lovely shots – take a look!