I am going to be totally honest – Neil and Holly’s wedding was my first ever wedding and it is down to this absolutely lovely couple that lead me to pursue my wedding photography career! Their day took place at the lovely Hengrave Hall (just outside of Ipswich) on May 22nd 2015!  We began the day at ‘the Mother of the Bride’s’ house which was the perfect location for bridal prep (getting ready photos) as the rooms were spacious, white and most important of all, had lots of windows allowing natural light in in order for the photos to appear very bright, crisp and soft. I was super nervous at this point as I had no real idea of photographing weddings plus it was a hugely important day for Neil and Holly! However, they were the most relaxed and easy going couple and did book me knowing that I had shot only fashion and portraiture. Without them, I wouldn’t have had such a lovely experience where I was allowed to do my own thing without worrying that I am not conforming to a stereotypical wedding photographer (they were dead set against posed photos!) – PERFECT!