Okay, so the guys featured in this set of images are my best friends! John and Trish got engaged a couple of years ago and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other! I came across a gorgeous field of purple when driving to meet a bride about her wedding and decided that I had to get some photos taken there before the farmer crops it! At first, (like every engagement shoot I have ever shot) both Trish and John were apprehensive, awkward and lost. Once I had given them a little direction the laughs started coming! Along with Trish and John came their little Staffy ‘Milo’ who has more of a wardrobe than me… luckily I managed to little his outfits down to one bow tie (which I have to admit, does make a picture!) He was so cute and equally confused as to why he wasn’t getting a walk and had to put up with kisses and cuddles in the middle of this field of linseed! I loved this shoot as I have never come across a field so bright and colourful before! Trish’s bright yellow rain mac went so well and really gives the images a pop of colour! Are you wanting to organise a shoot before your wedding day or would like some photos of both of you together to display proudly in your home? Get in touch!