A drizzly Spring evening however accompanied by a very handsome pony and some pretty blossom made for some quite lovely images! We shot around Prince’s home in Claxton, Norfolk. Marlee is an exceptional little rider who doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything! Prince found the whole standing pretty for the camera experience a little aggravating and was dancing around all over the place! Was Marlee phased? of course not! Prince is a 13.2 Welsh section C pony who loves his jumping! Marlee handles and rides the little devilish pony so well! Marlee hopes to affiliate showjumping soon as soon as the Summer finally arrives! Most images were taken on my very lovely 50mm 1.2 Canon lens. I absolutely love that little lens for portraits! It made a very dull evening appear lovely light and warm! Would you or a friend be interested in a portrait session with your beloved pet? Get in touch via my Contact Page. I also provide gift vouchers if you are looking for a different and truly personal gift.